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Pauly and Magnus - Week 4

Magnus’s week was… work, work and well.. more work! Most of this week was spent still at Wilpoorina and Mundowdna Stations, out of Maree (see last weeks post). As we were hooking into getting cattle work done before trucking dates Magnus was well and truly on the job. It is my belief that real ‘on the job’ training has many great benefits for horses of any disciplines; but it also present its challenges.

It is true that horses need consistency in their training, mainly by the trainer cues and release of pressure to enable the horse to learn what they are supposed to do. Too much consistent treatment of a horse though can lead to behavioural challenges. I teach people to prepare horses for inconsistency to eliminate problems from occurring. This includes: Working horses at different times of the day, working them more than once a day, training by themselves and with other horses, transporting and working horses in different places, not always feeding and putting horses away straight after work, just getting your horse out of its paddock and hanging out with it for some quality time etc. Inconsistency sometimes requires imagination, but it gets horses ready for the real world.  Magnus had a huge amount of Inconsistency this last week - long and short rides, mixing with many other horses, jumping in and out of different trailers all the time, being left tied up alone and working hard.  I was working other broke and fit horses while I was there also, doing sometimes probably over 50 km a day on them while Magnus had much easier rides.

The challenges this type of work presents is that your working more the horses feelings are sometimes not as heard as if they were in a training only environment. I gave Magnus as much love and quality time that I had time for, either in my breaks or getting off and patting him all over while blocking mobs up, but our relationship for the week was mostly business. Magnus stood up to the week with determination and work ethic, but now he is home and turned out with my horses for a little while to rest. He now deserves my utmost love and dedication to his emotional needs when he comes back into work late next week.

Magnus showed me this we that he is super bold and understands when a job is important, like keeping cattle together, yarding up under pressure etc.

Magnus is the true meaning of ‘Small and Mighty’.

Small in build but mighty in strength, stamina and try.

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