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Pauly and Magnus - Week 5

Magnus's week off. 

 Training for the week... Putting Magnus needs, not my wants first. Magnus had his week off after his big work load, mustering up north. My plan was to bring him back into work in our 2 day horsemanship clinic we held over this weekend and have loads of great news to write about this Sunday evening. Although from what he was telling me on Friday when I loaded him up at home and floated him to our training facility, it was more beneficial to wait until I had no time restrictions and work him by ourself this coming week. After seven whole days of being unhandled, apart from changing paddocks once, he had freshened up in the mind and body. He was obedient and with me, but was a little jumpy and worried about leaving all his new mates. If I was participating in a clinic, it would have been the perfect training environment to bring him back into work. Being the clinician though, where I would have had to stop and start training him, hand him around while I worked other horses and not give him my undivided attention, I turned him out in a paddock with a lovely young filly and will start with the little legend tomorrow. 

 Although, he was in training for the last week, by the best horse trainers i know in this world! Lauren's and my horses :). For a start I put him in with my two geldings Nulla and Ricochet. These boys are firm but fair, and are all business to other horses until they're part of the mob. They were great with him, but after a couple days I felt he actually needed to go in with some softer horses, as my boys are as much horses as I can keep them to be, and Magnus needed some humanised horses to influence him. 

 I then turned him in with Forrest and Tic, Lauren's geldings. After a day I saw Forest bossing him without good cause and Magnus didn't deserve it. I then put forest in with my boys for some needed training himself and Tic remained to sook over Magnus. The herd dynamics were perfect then. 

 I plan this week to really gentle Magnus to my presence. I'll be training him, but loving on him and spoiling him a lot. I'll probably also get Lauren to work him and maybe even ride him. 

Photo is of feeding time at home at sunrise, in with Tic and Forrest.

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