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Pauly and Magnus - Week 7

To sum up the week for Magnus was the look he gave me when I let him go Friday... It was "I'm happy, I'm worked but content, it's all coming together and this is getting easier... Now I'm going to eat straight away "

Most times I have let him go, he has needed to leave because he has needed his space, to process and think. Either I catch him with ease or he catches me in his paddock when I work him again which tells me he's going ok, but nothing beats the way he communicated with me letting him go Friday afternoon.

I didn't introduce anything new this week and kept the work relatively easy for him. Just brining him into the bay's for a couple hours a day with the usual horse training and coming and going on around him. His rides were inconsistent, a couple trail rides, one with another mate riding ricochet. In the arena he had one physically hard ride, walk, trot and catering, and other day I just taught a lesson sitting on him doing nothing. Consistent inconsistency.

Magnus is so surprisingly balanced for such a small horse with my weight. He keeps to his lines in the arena with ease, which is probably the positive result of the big outside miles he had out mustering, being left alone to move. He is starting to pick up a little condition too which means the ulcer treatment is hopefully working and he is getting the nutritional value out of his feed.

He was in with my gelding, Ricochet, for the week too. Ricochet was starting to treat him as one of the mob which tells me Magnus is starting to "earn his stripes" as a Spur84 gelding. I listen to and respect the opinions of my geldings about horses massively... They know more about horses than I ever will and I have a lot to learn from them. Ricochet was letting him share his food and even playing "bitey" with Magnus, which Magnus took a little bit to work out he wasn't being bossed and could bite back!

Not introducing anything new to Magnus's training and just working him at what he already knows, but making it solid, was the best confidence booster for his week. There sometimes comes a point that backing off is the fastest way forward.

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