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Rachel and Maximus - Week 1

Who can believe that already one week has passed by in this years Australian brumby challenge.  I am so thrilled to be a part of this challenge again and even more excited about the lovely brumby I have drawn to be in partnership with for the next 150 days.

As I prepare for the journey ahead I have some things in mind that I want to achieve.  Firstly one thing I've learnt over the years is that with any horse, the most important key is to put the bond and relationship first.  Horses will always run faster and jump higher out of their heart and desire to do so, therefore I know that if I use the simple and effective formula of Love, Language and Leadership in EQAUL doses, the development will not only be successful but you will have a happy and willing equine partner. 

You will also notice that over the next 150 days I will be going through a very clear and natural formula, to first tame my Brumby and gain his trust and confidence with the human before I ever think about going to start him under saddle.   From there I can then move on to using four clear steps of a skeleton for starting any horse under saddle.  This is something I have learnt from spending years riding and studying with Pat Parelli ( Founder of the world renowned Parelli Natural Horsemanship program) and put it into practise every time I have a horse in for development.  Here are the key points to the essential skeleton of starting any horse under saddle 

No. 1: Accept the human- First as a friend then as a their leader
No. 2: Accept the saddle- Confident with accepting placement on their back then with girthing up 
No. 3: Accept the rider- First as a passenger then as a guider 
No. 4: Accept the bit- confident to wear it then for communication 

I can't wait to take you on this journey with me and share how taming and starting an unhandled horse can be a beautiful thing when done right.  By understanding the nature of horses and identifying their 'Horsenality' you can then have a clearer picture on how to progress and problem solve any situation. 

Now onto my Brumby.  I am pleased to announce that I have been teamed up with a beautiful 8yr old bay gelding.  He is a strong, nicely put together boy that has a super lovely look to him.  He travelled home very well on pick up day and even had confidence to eat some hay while in there.  Now he is adjusting to his new surrounds on the farm and enjoying the daily feeds and interactions with his providers, the humans, each day. 

As the start date for this challenge overlapped with some prior commitments I had in Europe this year, I have not personally seen my Brumby yet so I am very eager to get there and meet him in two weeks. But I have an amazing support team who were involved in the last challenge with me, and I have no doubt in their ability to care for my Brumby until I return.  Fellow Parelli Professional Kaye Thomas is the lovely lady who has been supporting me with this process and is taking amazing care of him. 

One thing I did learn from my last challenge experience is that there is no rush.  It's not about trying to touch and ride these horses in a short time frame.  It is about how taking the time in the beginning sets your platform for success over the next 150 days.  I am pleased he will have this time to relax and settle in at the farm.Type your paragraph here.

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