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Rachel and Maximus - Week 10

Wow its week 10 update time however for Max and I it is actually week 7 and I couldn’t be happier with where we are at so far in our journey together.  Every session I am blow away by the changes Max makes and how he keeps trying to please me and figure out this not so familiar world that surrounds him.   My daily sessions are now a combination of playing with him online to get connected before saddling then we are off.  He is starting to learn how to have self carriage with our freestyle riding out on patterns and also starting to understand how to follow direction from my seat and legs.

I have been doing more in the bridle this week to help Max to accept the bit for communication.  He was very unsure at first having this in his mouth so I simply had him wear the bridle during our sessions for over a week before picking up a rein.  I make the transition from the hackamore to the bridle very simple for the horse by having the bridle over this so I can use both reins to communicate that way it’s not directly on his mouth when he doesn’t yet understand the feel.  This way there is no pulling on his mouth while he is learning how to follow the feel.  He is starting to become very soft with everything I ask of him which is because he is mentally and emotionally very relaxed and connected with me.  This then means he will physically start to carry himself better, travel with a much more athletic frame and develop a stronger top line.

I am super pleased with Max’s weight and condition at the moment and how he is developing a great, uphill top line simply from just been ridden in a state of relaxation and confidence.  The horse’s body says a lot when you look at the way they have been developed and it’s pleasing to see what the brumbies can develop into with the right training.  I finished off this week with Max’s first big outing, he travelled a bit over 100km in the float, loaded up calm and relaxed while standing there like an old pro.  He got to be in an environment with over 20 horses and be surrounded by other humans coming and going all day.  I was thrilled with how relaxed he was in the yard, been tired up and out and around the grounds.  Many more outings to come J


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