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Rachel and Maximus - Week 11

Well it was another very wet week here for Max and I but we still managed to have some fun playing around in the rain and trail riding out a lot.  I have been doing a lot more riding out around the road and exposing Max to new environments.  He is so keen to explore and confident to go places which is so much fun.  Having the traffic go up and down a busy road nearby has been good for his confidence been around all the noises and sights that come with vehicles.   Also riding with other people has been a lovely change for us both, he is willing to go ahead or stay behind the group with no worries at all.

I love the sensitivity that is developing between us now, he is really doing great with moving off my legs for sideways and getting very clever at helping me to open and close gates around the property.  He is starting to understand more about where his weight needs to be for all the yields and he now doesn’t have so much reaction to the carrot stick as early on he was still quite defensive to seeing the stick above him but now he can yield away and not be worried. 

Our liberty sessions have been lots of fun each day, Max is connecting with me on a much higher level and is starting to develop close range circles and transitions up and down the gait.  I love how he now always calls out to me when I come to his yard during the day or get him from the paddock in the mornings.  You can really see the strong bond that continues to build between us and just this week he is starting to accept other people as well.  He actually walked off following another lady here as though it was me which was wonderful to see.  As other people come by during the day and see him it is quite funny as most people can’t believe how confident he is becoming and trusting of the surrounds and daily routine on the farm.  He is so curious to be a part of everything that is going on around him which I love to see after only 8 weeks here with meJ

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