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Rachel and Maximus - Week 12

The weeks just seem to be rolling along now, Max and I have really started to get into a nice rhythm with the small amount of time we are spending together.   I am limited this month due to other work commitments with the time I have available however I love it how I can leave Max for days and get him back in and our sessions are just as though I played with him the day before.  He is starting to get much more trusting with other people handling him now, I try to each day have another handler just do simple things like catch him, unrug/ rug him, hose off or have a grooming session. 

I am really enjoying riding Max at the moment as he is starting to get so much more confident in the saddle with everything I ask of him.  He is soft with his yields, starting to accept the bit better, understanding how to travel on freestyle patterns and more recently getting super confident with some extreme friendly games both on the ground and in the saddle.  He is trusting enough for me to crack a stock whip off him at all gaits, ride with a tarp and dragging objects around has been fun too.  No matter what I introduce I take it slow and use approach and retreat with him and in no time he is calm and understands to not be afraid.  I love how he looks to me for the leadership when unsure and if I use rhythm and relaxation he is quick to understand that it wont hurt him and all is good.

I got to finish this week of with taking Max on his first big solo road trip.  He came with me to teach a get started Parelli Natural horsemanship course over the weekend.  He loaded up like an old pro and was super relaxed getting of at a new place in the dark then loaded up again in the early morning hours to make it to the venue in time for an early clinic start time.  During the two days he was so chilled and relaxed.  I used him for demos and then he got to practise his ground tying for a few hours here and there.  It is so great getting to have them with you in situations like this as it really teaches them to let down and hurry up and wait.   Next week I will be preparing for another big outing where I will be showcasing Maximus at the Henty Machinery Field days so make sure you come on over and say hi J


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