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Rachel and Maximus - Week 13

Well I think just about everyone in Victoria is slightly over all the rain as the rivers keep rising and our paddocks and arenas become a pool of water.  It is certainly making it a challenge to be riding our lovely Brumbies each day but it means much more undemanding time spent together.  Max has had another light week of development as I have had other young horses in and the conditions just aren’t safe to be out riding around the paddocks and the arena here is a foot under water.


What we have been doing is just a lot of undemanding time together, building more confidence with the clippers and everyday tasks that will be very important for when it is time to find Max’s forever home.  I have had a chance to do a couple liberty sessions and he is doing very well with sticking to me and starting his transitions up and down the gaits.  I love how he wants to connect and often comes off the rail and does lovely close range circles around me.  There are still moments where Max gets a bit unsure when I increase the speed of the games or intensity so I just play around with bringing my life up and then down before he feels the need to disconnect.


In our small riding sessions I have been doing a bit more bareback riding around the arena just to get him really confident with the feel of the rider as he is sensitive to the direct contact on his skin.  He is getting so much more playful and willing to try more in our online sessions and offering some lovely two rein driving.  Due to the wet conditions we have had to cancel taking our horses to Henty Field Days this year which is a shame as Max is certainly ready to have more exposure to the crowds and spotlight in preparation for the final at Equitana.


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