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Rachel and Maximus - Week 14

Max and I have had a fairly laid back week.  We had originally planned to attend one of the biggest field day events around to do some horsemanship demos however the venue took on more water than organizers anticipated therefore we were unable to bring horses in.  I was still committed to attending each day to be apart of our trade stand so this meant Max got a lovely four days off to relax and be a horse.  It was a shame I couldn’t take him as the outing would have been a perfect introduction for Max to crowds and a more active environment around him and a heap of eager eyes were keen to see this once wild Brumby now acting like a super partner.  Never mind we still got to have a couple sessions together just building on everything we have developed so far and now looking forward to a road trip together.


We are off to South Australia next week as I have a super camp I will be teaching over there so this is the perfect opportunity to expose Max to new places, people and just spend a lot of quality time together as I use him for demos throughout the five days.  Lots more fun and info coming your way in our next update so stay tuned J 



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