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Rachel and Maximus - Week 15

What an adventurous week both Max and I have had.  We packed up the trailer and embarked on a huge journey across three states to arrive in South Australia for a 5 day horsemanship course I was teaching with another lady from Sydney.  I was so impressed with the confidence and trust shown by Max right from day one, having to load up in the rain for a start, then standing calmly in the trailer for 7 hours.  We arrived at our stop over point where he was able to check out some new scenery with such ease.  You would have thought he had been there before with how confident he was to explore.  As we arrived into SA the weather conditions didn’t get much better but we still managed to teach a full course with a bunch of dedicated students.

Max was there with me each day helping to demonstrate a range of horsemanship skills both on the ground and in the saddle.  He got exposure to riding with 12 other horses both in the open pastures and also in a small indoor arena.  I loved seeing Max’s face when he first looked into the mirror at the indoor arena.  He was slightly shocked but then so curious and interested in his reflection.  As the days unfolded I could see the changes he was making were huge, just been around new people every day and having to adjust to the changing environment was perfect.  It is experiences like this that really start to create a strong, solid foundation on a horse as they learn to be there as a partner to help do a job and it also gives them a purpose for all the things we have been developing leading up to these outings.

 As we made the trip home I was so impressed that even after travelling over 900 km in the trailer he was still quite happy to load back up into the gooseneck for the same trip home again.  The best part was seeing how he went from been unsure to putting his nose out the window when we stopped for a break to then literally shoving as much of himself out to watch everyone and everything going on by.. It was as though he just couldn’t believe his eyes seeing so much and he ended up loving every second of it.  This horse is such a funny boy, makes you laugh every day and reminds me to always put his needs first so then he will continue to offer me more and more in every session.  I couldn’t be more happy with where he is at right now J


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