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Rachel and Maximus - Week 16

After last weeks huge adventure across VIC, NSW and SA Max had a couple days off just relaxing and letting down.  Again the weather has turned back to the not so fun wet stuff falling from the sky however we still managed to get out for a few sessions.

I have been able to do a lot more with focusing on riding Max in the bridle this week and really starting to teach him how to be soft and responsive to the bit.  Up until now he still had the occasional brace with the hackamore so I haven’t had him only in the bridle until now.  It is all about preparation to try and set the horses up for the best possible outcome and for me I really want him to have a good acceptance and understanding of the bit, not be afraid of it or want to push through it.  He is understanding how to be soft with lovely lateral and vertical flexion while at the stand still and also with trotting circles and snakey bends.  I have been able to do more with his yields turning them into some lovely rollbacks and a slow turn around.  I have also been playing more with his canter departs and riding with the carrot stick to help set him up for some bridleless riding in future for fun. 

I have been doing a lot of ground tying this week to, can I ride around, stop and get off while he just stands there without moving until I come back.  This is such a great task to teach all horses and the stand still is so important for just about everything you do with a horse.  The better I can get this the better he will understand his responsibilities in all gaits both on the ground and in the saddle.  There is nothing worse than a horse who fidgets to be groomed, shoed, washed, saddled etc and so this is a habit and skill you will see all great horse people develop in their programs.  I play the game to see how long he can stand there then call him from a distance and just about every time now he comes on over to connect.  Now the fun really starts J

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