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Rachel and Maximus - Week 17

This week has been all about getting Max out and about and building more confidence with his trailer loading each day. With the grounds still so wet at home we have been adventuring out to a local indoor arena where we have been able to really advance our circles, transitions and straight lines.  I love how Max is mentally so connected with me now in everything we do so as I start asking more from his impulsion on patterns and been particular with the lines of travel in the arena he just willingly follows my focus and direction.  It is so easy and stress free for not only me but him in our training as he is offering lovely softness through his body and in his mind which allows me to teach him so many new things every day we are together.   


This is achieved through understanding the horses idea first and then they don’t feel as though you are going to force them into something they aren’t confident with.  Max early on was very unconfident and highly motivated to do whatever he felt necessary to survive and so I knew that if I wasn’t particular in taking the time to get him mentally connected he would have easily turned into a horse that no one would be able to handle.  Its amazing now as I look at him and the comments people make when they see how relaxed and trusting he is yet I can still picture the first couple weeks that were the typical wild, Brumby stallion, behaviour and now just a sweet, kind natured gelding.  Sometimes we don’t always step back to appreciate just how much these horses have had to change to fit into the world we call normal, yet for them there is nothing normal about it.  I also had the dentist out this week and both him and I couldn’t believe how amazingly relaxed he was, literally just stood there and had no reaction the tools and having them filled.  By the looks of things he is at least 10yro so I am pretty impressed that a horse who was a lead stallion for so many years, heaps of past battle wounds as well, could make such amazing changes in less than two and half months together, awesome as.


Again this week Max got to come with me to a new facility to help support my teaching at a beginners course.  He takes it all in his stride and hangs by my side the whole day just chilling out and enjoying the pats and attention I give him every chance I can between helping students.  Its not all that long now until Equitana and I am super excited with what we will be able to show case after the completion of this challenge together J   Photo credit Karen Sheridan this week.


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