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Rachel and Maximus - Week 18

It has been so lovely this week to finally have warm, sunny days that have made riding Max out so much more enjoyable.  It really has been one of the worst winters here in over 20 years in the North East and this certainly doesn’t make it easy for developing horses.   I am finding now there isn’t a lot of new things to report on in these updates as its mostly about putting the icing on the foundation I have been developing with Max this past couple months.  Each ride we are getting things a little more refined and starting to ask for a higher level of responsiveness in each of the yields, gaits and transitions in the saddle.  I enjoy playing around with his confidence games as I just can’t believe how trusting and confident he has finally come not only on the ground but in the saddle.  It’s nothing now to stand up on his back, swing ropes, crack whips, drag things etc all because his acceptance of the human is so strong and solid he isn’t worried by the tools and objects I bring near him.

I have been playing around with riding Max more in the English saddle this week as I have been developing his showjumping and contact with the bit in the dressage arena.  He is actually a great little jumping horse, has nice scope and really enjoys to jump which has been great fun for us both this week.  He is starting to understand how to respond nicely from leg yields and is getting much solid with his flexion during canter departs and transitions on the circle. 

I have taken him out on a couple bigger trail rides through the bush and along the rivers this week where he has been exposed to many new objects and scenarios with campers and people coming and going by.  His ability to stop and think his way through a situation that he may not be familiar with is extraordinary.  He doesn’t get tight or reactive if he is unsure, rather stops, looks and then within seconds is able to move on through the trust in my leadership.  The time it takes this horse to process and to learn something is super fast now that he doesn’t have fear in the way, he really does try to give his all every time we are together and I really can’t ask for much more than that.


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