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Rachel and Maximus - Week 9

This week I have been out and about with Max and riding a lot more all over the farm and having some small trail rides.  He is getting really good with the walk and trot with relaxation and we have started to get some lovely, forward canters.  He moves quite nicely with good balance under saddle so I am very much looking forward to doing more with especially the canter in the coming weeks and developing his freestyle out on patterns.

The thing that is always interesting with the Brumbies is how confident they get with the person who is handling them at first yet still sceptical of other humans.  I noticed this especially more so with his float loading this week.  I had a friend close up behind him and he was quite worried.  I have done a lot of two rein driving and even started dragging objects from behind him so I know that he isn’t worried with these situations but still other unconfident with other people.  It’s just the trust in other humans so I look forward to slowly building on this and having other people get the chance to come up and be around him much more.

I have also started to do more liberty this week which has been great fun seeing a more cheeky side of Max starting to come out.  He understands how to connect with me and do some basic yields along with learning more about his responsibilities to maintain the gait I send him out at while at liberty.

Overall it’s been another great week just slowly ticking along in every savvy of his development.

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