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VBA River

VBA River is a rising yearling gelding who was conceived in the wild and born here at our Brumby Junction sanctuary after his mother, VBA Aprils capture. River grew up in a wild herd here and was weaned a month before the Australian Brumby Challenge commenced. April and River originate from the Bogong High Plains region of the Alpine National Park in Victoria. April has been returned to our paddocks to build up her strength and continue to get used to domestic life, while young River will be trained by Sally Adsett-Brown in the Australian Brumby Challenge Yearling division.

Sally Adsett-Brown

Yearling Section: Non-Professional Trainer

Sally has owned and loved horses her whole life, all different breeds, sizes and ages. At this stage in her life, Sally is enjoying the training aspect of horsemanship and is following the teachings of Buck Brannaman, Warwick Schiller, Double Dans and similar. Sally finds it exciting and challenging to work with horses to produce a calm, confident willing partner that enjoys and more importantly, participates in the training.

Sally believes and practices that the initial haltering/ handling of a young or unhandled horse is of great importance to their mental well being. By initially using techniques such as pressure and release, teaches the horse to think and respond, rather than react. This is so important to Sally as she believes that horse training should be an interactive partnership, not just something that is ‘done’ to the horse.

Sally thoroughly enjoyed her experiences training VBA Diamantina in the last Australian Brumby Challenge and is looking forwards to producing a Brumby in great physical and mental condition.

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