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Sally and River - Week 10

It’s been a bit of a slow week in terms of new developments.  There’s been a lot of repetition which is all part of training, but doesn’t make for the most interesting of updates J

We’ve spent the week mostly recapping what we’ve covered to date, especially working on the circles.  River has been struggling with responding to the cues to move, rather than freezing and then reacting.  I know he’s not a ‘slow learner’ as everything else I’ve introduced he’s picked up very quickly.  It’s an indicator of how much anxiety he is still holding onto, but I’m glad we’re working through it now rather than weeks from now!

The most exciting part of the week is that River turned 1 … he is now officially a yearling!  To celebrate, I sneakily disguised some balloon desensitising as a dress up session.  River was totally unconcerned with the balloons, signs and streamers blowing in the wind but he was not impressed with the bowtie - but that may have been mortification!!

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