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Sally and River - Week 13

Despite all my plans and motivation we’ve had another fairly slow week due to the appalling weather.  The amount of rain this week has meant we’ve been pretty much under water, not exactly conducive to training!

We did manage a few sessions, mostly at liberty, particularly working on walking behind River.  He’s been very wary about changing eyes as I change sides behind him and I need to get this much better before trying to float load him.  I felt it would be easier to do this at liberty so there’d be no ropes to get caught up in.  River did try very hard, but he definitely needs a bit more practise.

One of our sessions we did at liberty from start to finish, River let me un-rug, brush him, pick out his feet, do some circles and disengaging and then rug him back up.  I was pretty surprised that he stayed with me the whole time, but I suspect he would have ditched me if we were out in the big arena!

River is finally starting to eat his hard feed a bit more consistently.  I’ve never had a horse, domestic or brumby, that prefers hay to hard feed – fussy little brat! But I think River’s finally feeling the effects of his feed and spring as he’s been a bit cheeky to his little mate which is very cute.

It’s less than two months until EQUITANA, so now I’m really starting to stress as there’s so much more I want to cover before then!!

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