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Sally and River - Week 14

Another week down and time really seems to be flying!! At least the weather was a bit better making it possible to get out to do some sessions this week.

We’ve worked on a couple of new things including yielding the forequarter which involves the front feet stepping around in a circle while the back feet stay still.  We are making progress literally step by step.  As with learning most new things, River is initially quite worried and the stallion snorts make a re-appearance, but if we take it slow and he’s given enough time to think it through then he seems to get the idea quite quickly.

We’ve also been working on going through smaller spaces such as between barrels and sending River between myself and the fence.  This will help when we get to float loading.

Other than that, we haven’t worked on any other new things this week, but have been mainly trying to consolidate the work we’ve done to date and fix any little things that I come across.

We’re working towards float loading and tying up – my two high stress areas! These are the two things that I really try to get right as if you end up in a bit of a mess initially it can be difficult to get them really good. 

River is out in his paddock nude now, he can sometimes forget himself at catching time but it only takes a few seconds to remind him to face up and remember he’s not a wild baby any more!

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