Sally and River - Week 15

The weeks seem to be flying by now, another week closer to EQUITANA!!!

We didn’t really work on anything new this week, but did a number of small sessions practising things which River already knows to boost his confidence.

Due to the weather not being ideal, I didn’t manage to achieve my goals of tying up and float loading.  But we did have a successful visit from my trimmer who very kindly spent a bit of time initially getting to know River and get him comfortable as he is quite wary of new people (stranger danger!!) River ended up having all four feet trimmed with no stress or upset.  It was a great result all round!

Unfortunately, we’ve had another glitch in our ‘catching’.  There were a couple of days where River was a bit stand-offish, then it took me an hour in the rain and dark one evening to catch him so all paddock privileges were suspended!!  So back to drawing board and I’ve spent quite a bit of time just hanging out with River and taking the pressure right off.  There’s been an improvement again by the end of the week so hopefully I can build on that and finally get this catching thing nailed!

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