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Sally and River - Week 16

It’s been more of the same this week, battling the crazy weather we’ve been having.  I’m so ready for some nice spring non-windy weather!!

We’ve managed a few sessions trying to build on things River already knows, and playing with some obstacles.  I’ve really noticed this week how much River uses his front feet to express himself.  I initially thought it might have been a bit of ‘colty’ behaviour indicating some defensiveness.  But it seems that he uses his front feet to investigate new obstacles which is very funny.  I’ve also noticed that River will gently paw the ground to show some frustration if he can’t work out what I’m asking him.  It’s good gauge to show when is thinking and trying to respond, not react.  He really is a little character!

River has his first session tying up, and it couldn’t have gone any better.  I used a blocker tie ring which would allow the rope to feed through if River really got a fright and had to get away.  As it turned out, whenever he felt pressure on the rope he moved forward – perfect response.  Now we need to continue on so that River will be comfortable being brushed, rugged, washed etc while being tied.

We finally got to start float load training, but didn’t get too far.  River was very apprehensive about the float even being in the training area so instead of focusing on it, we did laps around the car and float stopping to have a pick of grass here and there and eventually getting closer and closer until River was confident enough to approach and have a sniff.  When we did stop at the tail gate he was quite happy to walk up but couldn’t stay up there if I walked off. Pretty good progress for a first session so I left it at that.  I think we’ll need a few more sessions before heading out somewhere … there’s plenty left to do and time’s running out!!

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