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Sally and River - Week 17

Again with the crazy weather this week, although it seems River is feeling the spring in the air and has been super energetic in the paddock with his little pony buddy.

I had planned on going to the Geelong Show this week but given our float loading has not really gone to plan so far, and the prep day was cold, rainy & windy and I didn’t have the heart to wash River, we didn’t end up going.  I’m hoping we can head out to another show before EQUITANA.

The float load training has continued this week, and taking our time seems to be working out well.  River can now walk up into the float and stand quite comfortably with me, this is a big step forward as he was initially so anxious about even approaching the float.  Next step is to close the tail gate and make sure River can still stand comfortably before we head off.

I’ve been trying to build River’s confidence as I think that is key to fixing the catching glitch. We’ve been doing lots of hanging out, going on adventure walks and just generally keep things fairly low key.  Training a horse is a constant balancing act, having a horse be obedient without being confident results in an anxious horse that is constantly on a knife edge waiting for a command.  But having a horse that is too confident with no understanding of cues and how to respond, gives you a bullish and belligerent horse that has no respect.  So I’ve been trying to balance out River’s training, hopefully I can report back soon that it’s working!

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