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Sally and River - Week 18

Due to the appalling weather and some family circumstances, River didn’t have a lot of training this week.

We managed a couple of sessions earlier in the week, still keeping things fairly low key and not putting too much pressure on River.  We did a couple of adventure walks with the pony for company, River is very bold and doesn’t mind either leading or following.  He has mastered the art of walking and eating without skipping a beat!

We also did a bit more float load practise both on his own and with the pony already loaded.  River is getting more confident walking straight on and standing.  Now I’ve just got to get him comfortable with me moving around and the breaching gates & ramp closing then we’ll be ready to go.

I set up some flags as part of the obstacle course and was surprised just how brave River was.  He had no qualms in walking straight up and investigating, even though it was really windy and the flags were flapping around in all directions.  If River can increase his confidence with people to match his boldness with obstacles and ‘things’, he is going to be an amazing pony!

Hopefully we’ll get in a few more sessions and have more to report next week.

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