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Sally and River - Week 20

We had a bit of a set-back this week with River coming up lame early in the week.  After my initial panic, I worked out the most likely cause was an abscess and started treating him accordingly.  It took a few days of poultices and bandaging until the abscess finally worked its way out at the coronet band, and with some anti-biotics River seems to be on the mend now.

So we didn’t get much official training done at all this week, as even though an abscess isn’t life-threatening I don’t believe in working horses that aren’t feeling 100%.  But I was so impressed with how River handled his treatment, he was excellent to bathe and bandage and the only time he was hopping around on three legs being a bit of a pill he was actually just trying to turn around to look in the first aid bucket!

Despite not really doing any sessions, I did handle River at least twice each day as well as just dropping in on him in the paddock to check his leg and have noticed over the past week or so that he seems more settled into domestic life.  He has had his paddock ‘nudie’ privileges reinstated a few weeks ago and has been great to catch, approaching me straight away when I enter the paddock.  This is a huge improvement after struggling with his catching for many weeks, I was pretty worried for while there that I’d taught him to dance around instead of being caught.  I’m so glad we seem to have gotten over that little hiccup – although I hope I haven’t jinxed myself now!

EQUITANA is ridiculously close now, I’ve totally given up trying to teach River anything new and aim to just practice everything he has learnt to date.

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