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Sally and River - Week 8

We passed the 50 day mark this week, so that’s one-third of the Challenge done! We didn’t have any major set-backs this week which is an improvement on last week!

The ‘official’ part of the training this week focused on desensitising to movement and sound, which River coped with really well. This meant we could move on to some sensitising exercises – movement and yielding from cues.  This was a bit sticky – apparently River has learnt his ‘stand still’ lessons too well!

We also incorporated some obstacles into the weeks’ training – some old curtains and a tarp to walk on, a scary feed bag hung on the rails etc. River is starting to get more confident in approaching new objects, as soon as I set out something new he is straight over to investigate.  He wasn’t keen on walking on the curtains or tarp, but didn’t need much encouragement to try.

My lovely farrier spent some time with River, slowly introducing him to being handled by a new person.  River was quite apprehensive (as I thought he would be) but he tried so hard to be brave.  He’s not quite up to getting a trim yet, but it won’t be long now.

I want to start taking River out on some adventure walks but just in case he does get away from me, I want to make sure he is ok with a rope dragging next to him.  So we spent some time practising walking with a rope dragging from a roller.  He coped really well and kept his eye on the rope, but didn’t panic.

I also got out the measuring stick and can report that River is a giant 11.1 hands high!!

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