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Samantha and Thor - Week 1

This was the week that I and all of the other trainers have been waiting for with much anticipation. We finally got to meet our Brumby challenge partners and get them home and settled in.

I have been assigned a stunning Brumby gelding named HVBA Thor; a solid dark bay yearling with kind eyes and a strong presence about him. He was conceived in the wild and born at the Hunter Valley Brumby Association and raised in a wild mob.

Thor showed off his mischievous streak while waiting to be loaded in the yards letting himself in and out of the different yards. He loaded easily and travelled perfectly walking calmly off the float and into his new paddock once we reached our destination.

This week I have been letting him adjust to his new surroundings and have started some short training sessions teaching him to face up and just spending a lot of time with him getting him used to my close proximity. I am already so impressed by his willingness to learn and keen intelligence. I am really looking forward to continuing this journey with this special little horse and building a strong partnership with him.

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