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Samantha and Thor - Week 10

Thor did some work this week practising some of the behaviours he has learned and we spent some time working on a couple of new things and did some more desensitising towards other people. We still have a lot of work to do on that front but he has made some improvements so I am happy with where we are at. This Spunky little man had such a fun day on Saturday. He got to go on an adventure to our Central Coast property, where he got to do zoomies in a huge grassy paddock and strut his stuff for all the pretty ponies to see.

Thor met our resident camel "Wookie" and it was love at first site they played bitey faces over the fence for ages. He floated like a trooper and I am sure was happy to arrive back home after such a busy day. He had Sunday off and spent most of it sleeping under a willow tree in his paddock.

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