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Samantha and Thor - Week 18

Thor had some really good training sessions this week, he really loves to learn and often puts his own little twist on things and offers his own rather unique interpretation of what we are learning with some very amusing and inspired results. He is such a clown which is why we have been practising some desensitisation in his very own clown costume! After he got used to the crinkly and rattly bits he really enjoyed it.

Thor went to his first show today just to have a look around as they unfortunately didn't have any Brumby classes, he was quite wide eyed and shocked by the whole thing but settled quickly and remembered his manners and training well. We did a practise session on the side of the main arena where he drew a little audience watching his display. I also have some very exciting news I have decided to keep this cheeky little pocket rocket of a pony as he has so much potential and I am so excited to see where our journey together leads us in the long term. He is a funny quirky little man and we have built an amazing bond together.

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