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Samantha and Thor - Week 19

Thor is putting so much into growing at the moment, all of his feed is being put to good use as he continuously shoots upwards and starts to fill out into the very impressive boy he will one day be.

This week we have been working on getting some of his basics more solid and going over some things we haven't done much of in a while. He is always happy to pick up where we left off which is great for me as I tend to flit around a bit in my training haha.

I have bought him a top of the range de-shedding tool so I will get stuck into removing the rest of his winter coat this week and continue to go over everything we have learnt keeping it fresh in his mind.

Next weekend he will be competing in his first led class the Reg Brumby gelding class at the All Breeds IMHR Spring Carnival in Hawkesbury so looking forward to that.


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