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Samantha and Thor - Week 3

This week I have had some really great training sessions with Thor, despite the shocking weather and my being away last week I am starting to see a lot of progress.

Thor is a very intelligent and sensitive young horse he is also incredibly cheeky and will push his boundaries as much as he can get away with. I have been focusing on teaching him to give to a feel and increasing suppleness and bend in his ground work. He accepted the halter and lead very nicely with some approach and retreat work and has been quite willing to give to pressure from the start.

I have been handling Thors legs and getting him used to all parts of his body being touched. We have also started some short tie up lessons and he has been introduced to his first rug. He showed a fair amount of trepidation towards the rug as he has strong reactive tendencies however with some additional de-sensitization and a lot of praise he was happy to accept this new addition to his life as a domesticated horse.

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