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Samantha and Thor - Week 4

Thor was very excited to be moved to a larger paddock this week with lots of grass and a little buddy as well. He is easy enough to catch now that I thought I would give him some more space and take the pressure off him a little. I did some more yielding work with him this week he is great with his near side but still needs a lot of work on his offside.

I have been taking Thor for lots of long walks around the property letting him get a look at plenty of different surfaces and situations. He is happy to follow me anywhere if he is behind me, it takes a lot more bravery on his part when I ask him to walk beside me but he is improving and gaining confidence in himself all the time.

I have also introduced Thor to some pole work and he seems to enjoy the challenge of walking and trotting through the different patterns. He caught on very quickly not to touch the poles with his hind feet when doing some backing through them and started self correcting and straightening himself.

He is so intelligent he works out what I would like from him very quickly.

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