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Samantha and Thor - Week 5

I feel like Thor and I have connected a lot more this week, he is really starting to enjoy the training process and his quirky personality is showing more and more.

Thor is very solid with his tying up and will stand patiently for as long as you like. I did some float loading practice this week with him as well and he is more than happy to load and stand tied in the float with no dramas.

I have started some basic liberty training with Thor and he is very sensitive to body language as all Brumbies are and is picking it up quickly and having a great time playing around with it. I have continued his obstacle training and he is becoming more co-ordinated and agile in his movements. He especially loves pedestal work I think he enjoys the higher vantage point. We are working on standing on the pedestal with his front feed and yielding his hind quarters around the box, he can also stand on the pedestal with all four feet which does take a considerable amount of balance and strength so we keep these sessions very short while he builds the correct muscles.

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