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Samantha and Thor - Week 8

I am really starting to fall in love with this gorgeous little horse he just tries so hard and has such a spunky funny personality it is impossible not to. Thor had quite a few days off this week due to terrible weather, but he didn't let that affect him and he picked up right where we left off with no problems.

Thor is getting more stable and balanced on the pedestal and he can stand for slightly longer periods of time up there. We have been working on lifting and extending each of his front legs on cue. This is a very cute trick and also serves a purpose in loosening up and stretching the shoulder muscles out. We can also build on this to teach him a few related movements down the track.

Thor is really learning how to learn which sounds silly but is something I have found common with teaching horses lots of different behaviours. They begin to work out that you are asking for something new and start offering some different behaviours, I can then put a cue on and reinforce the behaviour I would like them to continue offering.

I am amazed at this little man's intelligence he has already learnt some difficult behaviours in mere days that have taken other horses I have worked with weeks to accomplish the same task.

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