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Samantha and Thor - Week 9

This week Thor had a couple of new firsts, his first hoof trim which he handled like a champ and his first bath. He wasn't too impressed with being washed but once he realised the scrubbing felt pretty good getting rid of some of the itchy loose hair he is shedding by the bucket load at the moment he started to enjoy it a bit more.

I have been working on teaching Thor to stay by my side in line with my shoulder whether we are walking, turning, stopping, backing or trotting. He has a lazy streak and would rather avoid the trotting part of the exercise but he is making improvements all the time and he does always try extremely hard to please.

My goal for the next few weeks will be teaching him to be comfortable around people he doesn't know. He is so trusting with me now that I forget he has a lot of work ahead of him to reach the same level of relaxation and acceptance towards new people. I will be taking him out and about more and inviting people to come and have a play and cuddle with him to hopefully help him gain some confidence.

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