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Sandy and Starbright - Week 1

It has been great to watch VBA Starbrights confidence grow this week.   I have given her the paddock name of Cracker.   Each session we have, is a real family affair with Diesel (the dog) and Mercedes (the cat) joining us, which certainly provides us with a number of distractions and entertainment.

Our trip home was fantastic, you wouldn't know that we had two of the yearlings in our float, when we stopped for a few moments, to check on them, we could hear both munching away on their hay. 

Cracker is a fast learner, quickly picking up on the right reaction to my presence in her yard.  She was so unsure of me at first, particularly when I was cleaning her yard and removing old hay.  I too am learning what I feel comfortable with introducing.

Cracker is more comfortable with me on her right hand side, so most of the new interactions occur on that side.  She is now accepting being touched on her head, neck, back and all legs with a soft pole.  This must be going okay as she went to sleep this afternoon while I was rubbing her ribs with the pole.

My aim for this week was to create a connection with Cracker and have her very comfortable with my touch - so far so good.  The focus is to ensure that we have solid base before moving forward, just in case we need to go back a step or two.

 Small steps forward.

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