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Sandy and Starbright - Week 10

This week has been fantastic!  It is nice to be out with the horses again, after a bout of the flu.

There has been a lot of waiting, which is good, as it makes me slow down and enjoy the moment.

There was tie up practice in the float, as we made this another work space, and although I left Cracker in the space for only a couple of minutes (it felt longer in my mind), she found her comfortable space and relaxed completely.  When I stepped back in to float, I was met with a look of 'What are you doing here, I have just got comfy'.

I am really happy with Crackers approach to float loading and unloading.  

We had also set up two new tarps for Raf and Cracker to walk over.  I am not sure what we expected but they exceeded it.  Cracker looked at the trap, thought that it looked good enough to eat, then wondered over it, like it had always been there.

With the warmer weather starting and Cracker looking for options to scratch, she has worked out that if she wonders over to us, says' hello' then takes another one or two steps, we end up scratching her rump.  Based on her facial expressions and this pattern of behaviour, she is enjoying this considerably.

Our goal for the next week, is to take Cracker on a float trip.  


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