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Sandy and Starbright - Week 11

Cracker is the quiet achiever. She quietly goes about each task with a calmness which constantly amazes me.

We are fast approaching the Rochester PC Gymkhana (11th September), and besides this event being an event for the Pony Club which Grace is a member of, the program contains a led breed ring.  For the past two years, it has included Brumby classes, this year is no different.  So with this in mind, there has been tie up practice with Cracker and my other Brumby 'Dreamer'.   The aim is to take both Cracker and Dreamer to the gymkhana.

Dreamer and Cracker are not paddock buddies, yet, therefore they are becoming friends at the tie rail.  This is going really well.

The picture shows Cracker (on the left) and Dreamer (on the right), they have very similar markings and colouring, but very different personalities.

As a gauge of how we are going, Cracker wondered from the far side of her paddock over to me, to have her halter put on, this was a great sign.  But it got better.  I left the rope over her neck, as I went to chat to Raf, Cracker took it upon herself to walk over to the gate way.  This was a sign that she is ready and willing to continue our training.  I say 'our training' because we are both learning so much.

Cracker also had her first wash, once she over came her fear of the green snake, which was spraying water on her, she enjoyed the wash.  I was even able to remove the mud which was bedded into her underbelly, which I am sure has been there since 'pick up' day.  There was no amount of brushing which was able to remove it.

The wash made her coat even softer and fluffier than ever. 

Now all I have to do is keep her clean for the Gymkhana...Mmm this may be a challenge.

I knew that she didn't mind being washed, when I returned to her paddock to brush Maggie, Cracker came over and wanted to help or a brush. I am not sure which, so she got both.

And finally, the biggest hurdle for me, Cracker went on her first float ride.  I asked a local trainer, who saddle trained Dreamer, a number of years ago how he floated horses who had never been in a float before.  So clinging to his words, we loaded Cracker into the float and headed down our drive way.  It was all quiet in the float.  For the first 10 minutes we travelled the quieter roads around home at a slow speed, to allow Cracker to get her balance.  Then we slowly increased the speed.  Again it was still all quiet.

20 minutes later we returned home and resisting the urge to race into the float, we went quietly about entering the float.  I was met with a sniggering Cracker, who was ever so pleased to see me.  It seemed that she had settled comfortably in the rear corner of her side of the float.  We followed our standard process for unloading, and she seemed completely unfazed by the float trip.



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