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Sandy and Starbright - Week 13

Grace was away, so I got to play with Raf and Cracker for the week.  That was my intention.

The start of the week was great.

Rather than standing in the gate way and putting halters on them, I went and stood in the middle of the paddock with all the bits'n' pieces to brush then, saying 'Right-o guys over you come'.  They cruised over to me.

So multi-tasking, I was brushing Cracker and patting Raf, then vis-a-versa.  They were both really relaxed and enjoying the scrub. 

They were both so good when I cleaned out their feet, also.  All completed without a halter anywhere in sight.

Cracker has the longest legs, she is going to be such a big girl when she grows up. 
Raf is beautifully proportioned and a real sweetie.

Mother nature, then threw a spanner in the works. We had rain, rain and then for something new, more rain.  The paddocks looked like lakes and the driveway was a channel. 

On Saturday, I let Raf and Cracker in to a new section of their paddock, they were both very happy walking through and eating the knee high green grass.

Raf was enjoying himself so much, that he was still eating while lying in the grass.

On Sunday, they were happy to walk away from the feed for yet another brush.    Cracker really does enjoy a brush and cuddle.

Here's hoping this week is a little warmer.


Thankyou to our Sponsor - Sandhurst Stockfeed, who have provide great feed for Cracker and Raf, they are thriving on the feed.


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