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Sandy and Starbright - Week 14

It is important that I keep in mind that Crackers is not yet 10 months old.  So I am breaking up new activities with some time out, where she chills out while being tied up. 

I put float boots on Cracker's front feet and took her for a walk around the paddocks, she was fabulous, even when she seen her first push bike going by. 

A couple of days later, with 4 float boots on, we walked our obstacle course, thorugh puddles and over mounds of dirt.  It is outstanding what becomes the 'norm' so quickly for her.

Cracker now has a handle on the trigger to trot, when asked, which is pretty cool.  After each of these sessions, I focus on her flexing, which is another excuse for me to give her a cuddle.  She is still really fluffy, just like a teddy bear.

EQUITANA now seems all to close, so we are going to have to think out side the box to prepare Cracker for a lot of people going by.  So far she has not been exposed to many people outside our immediate friends and family.

A good place to start seemed to be adding plastic bags to the poles we have been using for bending, yet again they did not phase her.  Instead she wanted to taste them.

We then dragged out the blue tarp.  Now I turned my back for a second, Cracker saw an opportunity, picked up the tarp and waved it around.  I think she is trying to tell me something...

A huge Thank you to Leanne Wilson (of http://www.snapshotsbylw.com/) for visiting and capturing moments of our ABC journey and your insights for attending a large equestrian event.


Thankyou to our Sponsor - Sandhurst Stockfeed, who have provide great feed for Cracker and Raf


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