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Sandy and Starbright - Week 15

We have been working on some of the elements to prepare Cracker for EQUITANA.  

On the week end, we have reversed the cars out of our carport and set up a stereo, the aim was to introduce an increased noise level, and subsequent echo in the shed.  Cracker was not concerned at all, even when we were jumping up and down, waving our arms  in time with the music.  She was more interested on the canoe, which we have left in the carport.

On Sunday we took Raf and Cracker to a Rochester Pony Club rally.  It was the first trip, to a new environment and they did us proud, behaving beautifully.   

This gave us an opportunity for Cracker to have people of all ages walking by.  She was also happy to watch as people clapped and cheered

The PC members were curious and asked lots of questions about Cracker's Wild to Wonderful journey. 

It was great to see Cracker leaning over the fence, inviting pats from everyone.  

At the end on the session Cracker was happy and content to be lead by Sian a PC member, which was really fantastic.

Over the coming weeks Cracker will have many more adventures out and about.

A huge Thank you to Leanne Wilson (of http://www.snapshotsbylw.com/) for visiting and capturing moments of our ABC journey and your insights for attending a large equestrian event.

Thankyou to our Sponsor - Sandhurst Stockfeed, who have provide great feed for Cracker and Raf


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