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Sandy and Starbright - Week 16

It has been a big week for Cracker.  

She had her nails done on Monday.   Although a little cautious at the start regarding a new person in her space, she soon relaxed while Warren of Cobe Lodge worked his way around each foot.  .  The end result was the cutest little feet.   It wasn't the easiest of conditions with Mother Nature sending more rain our way earlier in the day.

We strolled around a large paddock, the following day, it was hard going through the long grass and water.  Cracker was quite interested in the dam and walked straight in - I was pretty surprised, but let her sort it out for herself when water was suddenly up to her belly.  She isn't behaving badly, but exhibiting her natural curiosity, and I do not want to restrict this, instead giving her the confidence to try some thing new.

We are really focused on ensuring that the time at EQUITANA, is a positive experience for Cracker and Raf.  On Friday Kylie Roberts (Kylie Roberts Health and Wellbeing), spent time with Cracker, Raf, Grace and I.  It was fantastic, there was lots of information to take in and practice in the coming weeks.   All in all, we will have large store of knowledge to draw on in at EQUITANA.  Having horses stabled for 4-5 days is new for me, and certainly taking both of us out of our comfort zone.  The ABC is such a great journey.

Over the weekend we have continued to play with obstacles and new item.  Cracker just loves the tarp, chasing, catching, stomping on it and then rolling on it.  It is fun to play this game.  Our games also included a hula-hoop and large green rubber goat (named Rodney, by the kids at PC), although the games are not physical it is challenging Crackers mind.  Often I see her laying down after our session, as she soaks up the sun, when it isn't raining, and processes it all.

Here's to the adventures of next week.


A huge Thank you to:

Kylie Roberts (of Kylie Roberts Health and Wellbeing) for assisting us prepare for EQUITANA

Leanne Wilson (of http://www.snapshotsbylw.com/) for visiting and capturing moments of our ABC journey and your insights for attending a large equestrian event.

Our Sponsor - Sandhurst Stockfeed, who have provide great feed for Cracker and Raf


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