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Sandy and Starbright - Week 17

This week has been most interesting. 

At the start of the week, I was dealing with a 'teenage' horse and there was attitude plus.  I walked out to catch Cracker, and she stood in the paddock seemed to look straight through me.  Each task after that was completed but Cracker sulked her way through it.

Two days later and I had a different horse.  She was walking over to me, sniggering.  Teenagers!!

Our big adventure was to head off to the Clydesdale Cross Sport Horse Association Young stock show, this event was really close to home at the Elmore Equestrian Park and provided us with the option to stable the horses overnight.  Our focus was to make this a positive experience for all, pick up hints for stabling horses at EQUITANA and put into practice some of tips from Leanne and Kylie (see our Thankyou list).

After a little concern at first, Cracker was happy to walk into the stable.  There were ~30 horses to be stabled, so Cracker was exposed to horses stomping and banging their stables, vehicles, horses and people moving around, voices echoing and the lights which were on until 11.00pm.  She was most interested in the young children walking by. 

I do need to teach Cracker to eat out of a hay bag, trying to eat hay from a bag in the same way which she would eat it the paddock wasn't working for either of us.

The Elmore Equestrian Park, is at the same location as the Elmore Fields days, so we started exploring the numerous tractors, headers, silo's, etc. still on the site.  Nothing fazed her - I was so pleased.

We had two challenges left to tick off our list.  The Young stock show was under cover, in a sand arena and placing a number of young horses in a confined space can always present some surprises.  In this case Cracker was really happy to stand with me and watch everything, I was so proud of Cracker and Raf, they were doing a great job representing the Brumbies.

The last challenge was a led class for Cracker.  We had never practiced a 'led class' work out before, and are in the early stages of having her trot in hand but she did it beautifully.

We will continue to get out and about over the coming weeks, to re-inforce what she has learnt to date and build on her self-confidence.  And somewhere in the middle we will work on our free style.  Hopefully Mother Nature is going to be kind to us this week.

A huge Thank you to:

Kylie Roberts (of Kylie Roberts Health and Wellbeing) for assisting us prepare for EQUITANA


Leanne Wilson (of http://www.snapshotsbylw.com/) for visiting and capturing moments of our ABC journey and your insights for attending a large equestrian event.


Our Sponsor - Sandhurst Stockfeed, who have provide great feed for Cracker and Raf


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