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Sandy and Starbright - Week 19

This week has been fabulous!

With a public holiday on Wednesday (local cup day), and with mother nature on our side, it was warm enough to wash Cracker.  It was much more successful than last time.  After some splashing around, Cracker settled and enjoyed the soap being rubbed in and rinsed off. She stayed clean for ~ 20 minutes, before she found the best and dustiest spot to roll.

There is finally colour coming through her coat - Hooray.  To date her coat, although beautiful and soft, had little color.  Now as the winter coat really starts too loosen, I can see rich colour coming through.  She may still be a little patchy at EQUITANA.

Saturday saw us out and about.  Firstly we visited Anna and the team at Sandhurst Stockfeeds, who have generously sponsored us on the ABC journey.  There were lots of new noises and sights however Cracker was more interested in eating.

From there we called into the Local Show grounds and walked around the stable area, and out onto the oval.  Cracker was not phased by anything, including a Harley Davidson Motorbike, leaving the car show which was underway at the show grounds.

Lastly we went for a walk through the state forest near home, this was a really nice way to finish off the morning.

We have also been working hard on the finale, getting Cracker used to wearing her costume and timing/refining what works in the allocated 3 minutes.

Cracker is surpassing all my expectations, particularly as I ask her to complete tasks that I have never asked a horse before to do.

To think that the ABC journey will be over in 3 weeks is sad, that said there is still many, many lessons for Cracker and I to learn.


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