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Sandy and Starbright - Week 2

This week we have achieved far more than I had expected.

I was able to pat Cracker on the shoulder, on Tuesday, which was a great step forward.  With a renewed confidence Cracker decided to interrupt Grace and Rafiki's session, for a horse that had showed no interest in taking chaff from some-one's hand.  She was very busy, making doe eyes at Grace and conning food from her.   Grace took the opportunity to stroke Crackers nose for the first time.

Come Wednesday, we increased the patting area - I was able to pat Crackers neck, shoulder and back.  The icing on the cake was, watching Cracker relax as I stroked her face and cheek. 

Cracker was also very curious about my scarf and beanie, she thinks that they look very tasty

I am not entirely sure who is teaching who, in our ABC challenge.   As Cracker grows more confident and sure of what I am asking, she is looking for new things to learn.   So I need to be ready to take her into the next stages.

Cracker is happy to have a halter put on and removed; she is also yielding a pressure from a rope and has started to be lead around her yard. We also discovered that she loves to be brushed.

I am also including some 'chill' time, where we just hang out in her yard.
Overall it has been an awesome week.  Cracker has something very special.

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