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Sandy and Starbright - Week 20

It has been another great week, re-enforcing the lessons of the past.

I have noticed that Raf and Cracker, are training themselves for EQUITANA.  They take themselves into the yards, which are about the size of a stable, and have a nap.

It was wash time again for Cracker, on Friday, thank goodness it was warm.  With each wash Cracker is standing better, less reactive when the water starts to flow.  So after a good scrub and she had dried slightly, it was back to the tie rail, where I braided her tail in readiness for the Echuca Ag show.

It is absolutely fantastic to see Brumby Classes being supported in the local Ag shows.

We had a great time at the Echuca Ag show, there was so much for Cracker to take in (show rides, loud speakers, flags, trucks, etc).  The show is conducted at the Echuca trotting track, we walked around the track past lots of horses and people, letting Raf and Cracker get a feel for the show environment.  Cracker then had some chill time in the tie up yards, munching on her hay, waiting for her class.  She was completely comfortable.

Once ready for her class, we went to the show ring.  Cracker stood beautifully as ridden horses worked all around her.  She was also reaching out to people for a pat.

She did a lovely work out, in the led class, finishing second to Raf and Grace.

It is really pleasing to work with Cracker when she becomes anxious, through to being completely comfortable with new situations and environments.


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