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Sandy and Starbright - Week 21

EQUITANA is only 4 days away, it is so exciting but very scary at the some time.  Cracker is as ready for the EQUITANA, as she will ever be, although she may be leaping out of her skin by the time we reach Sat/Sun.

Looking back to our journey together, we have achieved amazing things.  Not just Cracker and I but Grace and Raf also.

The second night of the challenge, when I went to spent time with Cracker, she stood in the far corner of the yard and reacted strongly to each of my movements.  I wondered what had I got myself into.  This drove me to look for a training method, which I felt comfortable with, to make contact with Cracker.

So I stuck at it and within a couple of weeks Cracker and I were hooked.  Each touch, new lesson, activity was like a new adventure and the smallest step forward brought a smile to my face.  There were errors along the way, particularly as I mixed my messages but Cracker didn't know that I had got the message wrong, instead looking at me as if to say 'What did you say?'

We learnt a lot from Grace and Raf, there have been many, many 'proud mum' moments as I have watched them grow individually and as a team.

During this year’s ABC the weather has been unusually wet, cold and windy, yet you would find me out with Cracker early morning and late afternoon.

The limitations which I had previously put on my activities with horses, fell away.    Cracker became used to being touched, brushed etc, with the wind howling by or rain pouring down, I just needed a solid base to build on.

Cracker is the youngest and only filly in the yearling section but she is incredibly tall (she seems to have the longest legs) and such a sweet girl.  I am lucky enough that our journey together is going to continue, so watch this space for shows in the north of the state (Vic) with Brumby classes, you may just see Grace and her Brumby Blondie, and myself with Dreamer and/or Cracker.

We set out on the ABC journey, to see what we could achieve.  We have exceeded all expectations.  The ABC is a competition yet I believe that we are all winners in this journey.   Owning a Brumby, is a wonderful experience and I am honored, often humbled, by each day we spend with them.



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