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Sandy and Starbright - Week 3

It was back to work this week for me, so Cracker and I squeezed a lot in to our limited time between me reaching home and it being too dark.  Even with the shortened time we have achieved great things.

From leading Cracker around her yard we progressed to the sessions in the adjoining paddock.  Of course, that initially caused some excitement for Cracker. So we practiced going through the gate way, even re-visiting some our early training, until going into the paddock was the 'norm'. 

Come Saturday, the sun was shining and we were feeling adventurous.  Cracker and I left the paddock and started to explore our drive-way and various sheds.  Cracker was fantastic! 

We explored a new paddock in which we had set up an obstacle course, she cruised
* around the 44 gallon drums (set up in a triangle),
* stepping over poles and a large log,
* across a rubber mat,
* over a mound of dirt and
* through lots of mud.

After this session, we left Cracker and Rafiki in a new paddock.  To say I was nervous about this would be an understatement.  We use electric fences, I was not entirely sure what the response would be when they touched it…..as it turned out, they behaved beautifully and seem to know the paddock boundary.

The paddock gave Cracker a really good view of a lot of new activities.  So with a belly full of green grass she watched with interest as my brumby VBA Kylies Joy (Dreamer) and I went out for a ride.  Plus she is closer to the action at tea time, it is a win-win for Cracker.

Sunday we took another step forward, this time I thought that I would see how Cracker would go with float loading.   Cracker went beyond what I hope to achieve.  With a little encouragement she followed me all the way into the float, not only once but a number of times.  I am overjoyed by this.

We broke up the float loading with another walk through the obstacle course, this time I tapped and knocked on the 44 gallon drums, and Crackers response was to join in.

We are having a great time.

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