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Sandy and Starbright - Week 4

Mother nature certainly set us up with some challenges this week.   I was pleased that Cracker and Rafiki stayed in their paddock as the temperature dropped and gale force winds increased on Tuesday night.

Now that Cracker is in a paddock, there was a small query, how shall we go with catching Cracker and clipping on a lead rope.  As it turned out Cracker is happy to wander over and say hello, so catching her and clipping on a leadrope is not an issue.  Hooray!!

This week we accidently learnt some new tricks. 

My son was out kicking his football on Tuesday night, this was a good opportunity to expose Cracker to the additional movements of new people and items.  It didn't take long for her to be happy to stand while watching the football rolled around her.

We built on this through the rest of the week, throwing and catching the ball in front of her, rolling a netball along her neck, back, hind quarters and around her feet.  The end result is that we are able to throw the ball back and forth over her back and under her belly. 

There was also close encounters of the lawn mower kind, which initially sent Cracker (and Rafiki) into a bit of a spin.  So the lawn mowing was put on hold until we were close by to re-assure them that the lawn mower would not hurt them. Today as the sun shone they simply didn't care as the mower travelled past their paddock multiple times.

We re-enforced much of the basic behaviours, standing, backing up, being brushed however although I feel that Cracker and I have a bond, she is cautious of new people.  So with the help of Grace's friend, Kaitlyn, she looked after the brushing and leading Cracker around the obstacle course.  The best moment was Cracker following Kaitlyn exactly over a large log.  Kaitlyn stepped on it as she walked over it, so did Cracker.  It made our day.

I introduced Cracker to a wearing a rug on Saturday, she was fantastic, as she accepted it rubbing her neck and shoulder, then laying across her back.  Her instinct was to run away from the feel and sound of the rug, as we walked around her paddock, yet with a little more rubbing and scratching from the rug, it was a 'good' item.  Cracker will not routinely wear a rug however I feel that it is important that she is familiar with the sensation of the rug going on and off.

A huge Thankyou to our Sponsor who supplied us with multiple bags of Breed and Grow this week - Sandhurst Stock feeds (Bendigo).  They are a great supporter of local clubs and were eager to join us on our journey through the ABC.  Thank you.

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