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Sandy and Starbright - Week 5

It is so nice when I walk out to Crackers paddock, she always greets me with lots of snickering.  As my family will verify, I always plan to spend just a few moments with the horses, which then turns in to 2-3 hours.  That said, Cracker is enjoying each adventure we go on.

In the past week we ventured away from the paddock, instead exploring our drive way.  We came across the scarecrow, which was only scary for a few moments and within seconds Cracker was reaching out to say 'hello' to the scarecrow.

Cracker and I then moved the wheelie bins, this exercise brought out Crackers curiosity, as she put her head into the bins, just in case there was anything tasty to eat.  The noise from the empty bins, didn't phase her.

Midway through each session, we revisit brushing, backing up or picking up Crackers feet.  We may do this a number of times, as I have found it helpful to go back to an activity with she is comfortable with in a variety of locations. 

We ventured further today, exploring new paddocks, this was great!  There was an increase traffic flow (cars) going past paddock and Diesel (the dog), was leading the way, popping up from behind logs, trees etc and Cracker took it all in her stride, never once panicking.  She never ceases to amaze me. 

While in the paddock, we played in a large pool of water, and although it was not deep it was quite wide and after some initial concerns Cracker was happy to walk, halt and stand in the water.  I, on the other hand, had very, very wet toes.

We added a bridge to our obstacle course and Cracker, is happy to walked over and stand on it.  She talks a lot of confidence from me, so if I am comfortable walking over the bridge or through water, then she is happy to follow along.

 We are having a great time.


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