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Sandy and Starbright - Week 6

Now that we have integrated one of our other horses (Maggie) with Cracker and Rafiki, we shall start to have sessions separately.  We have worked  Raf and Cracker at the same time, for the most part, sometimes facing challenge's together, sometimes individually, either way they are teaching each other.

Cracker was happy to come out of paddock, and stand (in the howling wind), while I brushed her, picked up her feet and introduced a new trigger to move her hind quarters. 

If some one had told me, 6 months ago that I would be outside handling a horse with the wind howling by, I would have said, "No, it is too windy, lets leave it until tomorrow".  Yet Cracker (and Raf) accept each lesson beautifully, apparently nobody told them that the wind should make them flighty or jumpy.

It is funny to watch Cracker learn that the pellets, supplied by Sandhurst Stock feeds, are okay to eat.  Over the past couple of weeks I have increased the qty in their feed, and now they are all cleared from the bucket, instead of being tipped on the ground. 

Crackers coat is so soft and fluffy, is it any wonder I lose hours a week brushing and patting her?

She is such a sweet girl, always first over to say hello and check out what we are up to.

Today was an absolutely stunning day, Cracker and I spent some time flexing, moving her hind quarters and introducing a new trick to have her lower her head.  It must have been mentally draining, as both she and Raf, spend the near hour or so, sleeping in the sun.

This week I have combined a number of our activities ;

Cracker and I walked through our obstacle course, again, this time she wore a rug on the journey.  It is good to have the buckles etc rattling and tapping on her sides.
We then progressed to cleaning her feet out with a hoof pick, again she was wearing the rug. 

I have started to introduce Cracker to being tied up and so far so good.

And finally, we re-visited the float, she is very happy once she is in there and has started to explore the space around her.   

My aim is to make the float, tie up rail and any paddock space, which we are in, a working space.  This is as much for me as for her.  So while in the float today, I picked up her feet, asked to back up and walk forward. 


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