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Sandy and Starbright - Week 7

This week has been a little challenging.  I had altered the 'buddy' horse, which unsettled the balance.  So the aims for this week were adjusted.

We turned our carport into a work space, due the terrible weather or late nights.  This was great, as I was able to retain Cracker's attention, while picking up her feet, stepping forward, backing up or flexing.  Did I mention that the carport had a trailer full of hay, parked in it?  So it was a good opportunity for Cracker, to learn that the work sessions are my time and eating can occur at the end.

For something different we moved away from working in the small paddocks, moving out to the 25 acre paddock.  This included walking past the cows, through the puddles, around the dams and mending fences.  Cracker was fantastic, taking it all in her stride.

Even when the 8 trotting mares, came racing over to say ‘hello’, she was happy to keep walking with me.

Huge step forward with the float, she walked straight in today!!  She was very focused on stepping forward and backing, when I asked.  It is really important to me that she learns that the float is a safe place, and just another work space, so to see Cracker putting it all together is HUGE.

I have made an interesting discovery, Cracker loves to have the tail brushed.  I even braided it, and she loved every moment.  With the feed supplied by Sandhurst Stockfeeds her coat, tail and mane are beautiful.

Sorry no picture this week, due to some technical issues with the camera.

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